Glasses Emu Plains

Glasses can be used for vision correction or eyesight protection. Sometimes both.

The need for vision correcting glasses has risen in recent generations. This might be because of the demands of computer work and other occupations, or perhaps because eyesight problems are more often recognized than before. People are more likely to need glasses as they age, with 90% of people over 65 requiring some form of corrective lens.


Sunglasses are designed to protect our eyes from Sunlight, though they can also provide vision correction.

Over time our eyes can be harmed by ultra violet Light (UV), the energy above the visible light we see. This is the same energy that causes sunburn. Over the course of many years this UV light can cause cataracts, common in older people. Decent quality sunglasses remove 99% of the UV light that reaches the eyes, making problems far less likely.

Better quality sunglasses will also reduce glare, which prevents eyestrain.

We should wear sunglasses to protect our eyes. Fashion sunglasses are an advantage as they give us a product that we actually want to wear.

Eye Care Emu Plains

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